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Biochar: Ancient "Black Gold" Amendment Method May Improve Agricultural Soil Health of Today?

Biochar, a carbon (C)-rich material produced by the pyrolysis of organic residues, is frequently used as a soil amendment to enhance soil fertility and improve soil properties in tropical climates. However, in temperate agriculture, the impact of biochar on soil and plant productivity remains uncertain. This presentation will give an overview of the challenges and opportunities of using biochar as an amendment in temperate soils. In addition, a broader view of biochar as a temperate soil amendment will be presented, moving beyond our current focus on crop productivity, and instead target its capacity to improve soil health.

Dr. Vicky Lévesque is an AAFC soil health scientist research in Kentville, Nova Scotia. Her research tests various agricultural management practices such as wood chips, biochar and cover crops to improve degraded soil and optimize plant growth and productivity.

January 9, 2023 at 4:15:00 p.m.

CEU Credits Available:

One Soil Management credit will be available for this presentation.

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