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On Demand: Regenerative Organic Certification

Why Regenerative organic? We are at a crossroads in regards to crop production, if production techniques are not improved our soils will not continue to produce foods to the level we require globally. Organic farming provides us with good clean food that doesn't contain harmful chemicals. The next step is to address our soils, by increasing soil organic matter, sequestering carbon and improving fertility. Regenerative Organic practices can help farmers to achieve these goals while Regenerative Organic Certification can provide consumers with the knowledge that these practices have been verified.

Jennifer's family started organic farming in the 1980s when organic was just beginning in the west. She spent many years driving tractors and helping her dad on the farm. It was her experiences on the farm that influenced her to complete an Environmental science degree. She had a strong desire to try and protect the environment. Jennifer started her career by working with the OACC in Saskatoon, where they set up and facilitated on farm research trials. Later she moved into certification, working with ECOCERT. Working with a company that holds the same values and goals as she does makes the job very enjoyable. This year Jennifer has been with ECOCERT for 10 years.

January 9, 2023 at 9:30:00 p.m.

CEU Credits Available:

CEU Credits will be not be available for this presentation.

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