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On Demand: Small Grains, Big Gains

The Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario (EFAO) is working to bring big gains from small grains to farmers across Ontario. Incorporating small grains into rotation has both ecological and economic benefits, however there is an upfront investment in equipment, seed, labour, and learning before benefits can be realized. Jackie will describe how EFAO’s Small Grains Program ( pays farmers to adopt or expand small grains acres, and how EFAO’s Small Grains Network supports farmer-to-farmer mentorship, access to agronomic training. Learn about EFAO’s approach and how you can get involved!

Jackie manages EFAO’s Small Grains Program and is passionate about innovation and collaborative research across the agri-food industry, and connecting farmers with the resources they need to improve the sustainability of their operations.  Jackie holds a B.Sc. in Agriculture and M.Sc. in Sustainable Cropping Systems from the University of Guelph, where she studied cover crops and soil health. She has worked on a broad range of research projects based in diverse settings such as the terrace farms of Nepal, soybean fields in Nebraska, and corn fields and crop biotechnology labs here in Ontario. A two-year stint as an Agriculture Journalist bolstered Jackie’s appreciation for the hard work and problem-solving efforts of farmers as they work to grow safe and nutritious food for a growing population while mitigating the impacts of climate change. When not answering your Small Grains questions, Jackie is likely out training for a marathon, or home snuggling her foster cats. 

January 9, 2023 at 9:30:00 p.m.

CEU Credits Available:

CEU Credits will be not be available for this presentation.

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