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Panel: "My Must Haves for Horse Management"

A favourite tool in the barn? A unique turnout system? A special way to manage feeding? Three panelists will present on the features that they consider 'must-haves' for horse management. Coming from English, Western and Standardbred racing backgrounds and each with unique farm layouts, they have lots to share. Don't miss out on their tips, tricks and DIY 'Hacks'!

Jason Irwin has taught clinics and presented at horse expos throughout North America. He hosts, (along with his wife Bronwyn), 'The Horse Trainers' tv show on The Cowboy Channel and RFD-TV Canada.

Dr. John McKnight was born and raised on a third generation farm near Meaford where he presently lives. He has been an Equine Veterinarian for fifty plus years. He was employed for twenty years at a large standardbred breeding farm in Brampton (Armstrong Bros.) Since 1987 he has operated a commercial breeding operation at Northfields Farm.

Dahna LaChance has been riding and coaching professionally since 1988. She rode for and was a student with American olympian Bruce Davidson, Canadian olympic coach Morag O'Hanlon and Canadian olymian David Wilding Davies. She has managed and coached at multiple facilities in Ontario over the last 30+ years. She is the current owner of Hurricane Hill Farm.

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