Homeopathic Remedies in the Treatment of Sheep

An overview of the strategy for using homeopathy successfully to support health of sheep on the farm. · The essence of a whole health approach. · How homeopathy can fit into the strategy. · Some key areas where UK shepherds find it helpful: · Accidents & Injuries · Lambing · Young Lambs · Lameness · Infectious Diseases · How to learn more By the end of the session, the farmers will be empowered to know how they can get started with using homeopathy as a new tool in their toolbox and where they can find other resources to learn more.

Chris Aukland has been working with an integrated holistic approach since graduating as a veterinary surgeon from Bristol University in 1986. Chris holds the VetMFHom qualification from the Faculty of Homeopathy. He helped develop and teach on the Homeopathy at Wellie Level course for farmers over the last twenty years. In the last three years he has worked with Whole Health Agriculture as the Head of the Livestock Health Program, focusing on developing training programs to support farmers using homeopathy and herbal medicine to a high standard on their farms.

January 8, 2022, 5:35:00 p.m.

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