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2024 On demand videos
These are pre-recorded presentations which are available for viewing online during GBFW'24 and for 30 days afterwards. 

Anyone who purchases a ticket will be given access to these videos, whether you attend GBFW in-person in Elmwood, or online through the livestream. 

Updates for the 2025 program will be made in the fall of 2024.
Panel: Women in Extension

This presentation was created and shared as an 'Extension Moment' by OMAFRA. Join Deb Stark - former Extension Veterinarian and Deputy Minister, Marilyn Bidgood - former Regional Economic Development Co-ordinator, Phylis McMaster - former Nutrient Management Specialist, and Joan McKinlay - former Crop Specialist, as they discuss their careers with OMAFRA and what it was like to be a woman doing agricultural extension work.

OSCIA Programs and Opportunities
Presented by: Lois Sinclair, Regional Program Lead/Client Services Team/Workshop Leader, Ontario Soil & Crop Improvement Association

Lois will share details about the programs that OSCIA offers, and the funding that they administer.

Lois grew up in Huron County on a mixed farm north of Goderich. She is heading into her 18th year with OSCIA. She started with OSCIA as a program representative in Huron County, for 8 years. Then as Regional Program Lead for the Regions of Heartland, Georgian Central, and Hamilton-Wentworth, serving producers in those 9 Counties. Changes in 2023 puts her working alongside all field staff, being “the client services team”. She lives in Huron County, with her husband Bob, on a beef and cash crop operation. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family, their four grandchildren and when time permits, a challenging puzzle.

Robotics on the Farm
Presented by: Ian McDonald, OMAFRA

Description coming soon!

Biography coming soon!

Mental Health

Description coming soon!

Presented by: Jackie Ralph, CMHA Grey Bruce

Biography coming soon!

Presented by: Darryl Boersma, DarLin Farms

Biography coming soon!

Farm Safety
Presented by: Jessica Yaniw, Fire Prevention Officer, Grey Highlands Fire and Emergency Services

Farms present unique risks when it comes to fires. They often have stored combustibles, flammable/combustible liquids, equipment storage, electrical deficiencies (such as temporary electrical wiring), and large animals (both in size and/or quantity). This presentation will outline steps you can take to protect your property and investment from fire, as well as building preplans to assist the fire services when it comes to response.

Jessica is a Fire Prevention Officer employed by Grey Highlands Fire & Emergency Services since June 2013. She is also an Adjunct Instructor with the Ontario Fire College. As a Grey Highlands resident she is invested in her community and always striving to make Grey Highlands a safe place to live, work and play.

Proposed Updates to Traceability Regulations
Provided by: The Canadian Food Inspection Agency

These videos were put together as a summary of updates proposed for regulations around transporting livestock, and were originally presented in March 2023. The videos address changes to sheep, goat, and cattle transport regulations.

Precision Livestock Farming
Presented by: Karl Behrendt

Description coming soon!

Biography coming soon!

Practices for Reducing Calf Stress
Presented by: Derek Haley

Description coming soon!

Biography coming soon!

Beef on Dairy
Provided by: The Ontario Corn Fed Association & Ontario Corn Fed Beef

This series of four videos was originally created and published by OCFA/OCFB. The videos include: 1) Feeding and Management of Dairy-Beef Cattle 2) Dairy Industry’s Bird’s Eye View of Beef-on-Dairy, 3) Beef on Dairy Crosses: Genetics and Management 4) Beef on Dairy Crosses: Feedlot Videos and Discussion If you would like to review any of these videos after the 30 day GBFW Encore Access has closed, you can go to the OCFB resources page on their website.

Presenters for this series included: Dr. Dan Schaefer Tom Wright Brad Gilchrist Brent Cavell Bob Bechtel Marvin Burkhart Al Noorloos and Christoph Wand Thank you again to OCFA/OCFB for providing these videos!

Presented by: Andrea DeGroot, Business Advisor, Farm Credit Canada

This presentation will provide a review of how business structure impacts transition planning, and will outline how various business structures operate.

Andrea grew up on a small beef and crop farm in Southern Ontario, then attended the University of Guelph to study Agriculture Business. Upon graduation, she worked as a Relationship Manager for 10 years with Farm Credit Canada at various locations in Ontario. Andrea has worked with RBC Royal Bank as an agricultural and commercial account manager in Southern Ontario as well. Andrea spent 4 years as the Managing Director for Ontario Pork Industry Council, this role had extensive industry networking as well as covered variety of topics such as animal health, board governance, Temporary Foreign Worker programs and human resource training. Andrea and her husband Mike, own and operate a hog and crop farm outside Stratford, ON. They have 4 kids ranging in ages from 5-14 who are active in sports.

What Bankers Look for in Healthy Financials
Presented by: Darren Mohle

Description coming soon!

Biography coming soon!

Brown Mid Rib Corn and a Quality Forage Opportunity
Presented by: Ashley Knapton, Dairy Strategic Account Manager, Corteva Agriscience

This presentation will break down the latest in BMR corn silage, a not-so-new product. Where are the genetics at, what's the fit and most importantly - what's the value on your own operation?

Ashley is the Dairy Strategic Accounts Manager with Corteva Agriscience working throughout Ontario and the Maritimes, supporting the corn silage, alfalfa and inoculant aspects of the business by helping producers grow the best they can in forages.

Feeding the Transition Doe for Success
Presented by: Kaitlyn Walsh, Small Ruminant Nutritionist and Consultant, B-W Feed & Supply

The focus of this presentation is on preparing the doe for a successful transition period from dry to freshening. It is crucial that during this time the doe's protein and energy demands are met in order to ensure optimal fetal growth as well as a healthy doe that is able to achieve a strong start into lactation.

Kaitlyn completed her Masters in dairy goat nutrition in October of 2018 at the University of Guelph and started working for B-W Feed & Supply shortly after as a small ruminant nutritionist and consultant. She enjoys working with both the producers and their livestock to ensure the animals are healthy and achieving optimal performance to ensure producers reach their goals.

Dairy Goat Cost of Production

In this presentation you will learn about dairy goat cost of production. This presentation will cover how to use the cost of production excel based tool to estimate your own cost of production to produce a litre of goat milk or on a per doe basis.

Presented by: John Molenhuis, Business Management Program Lead, OMAFRA

Biography coming soon!

Presented by: Marlene Paibomesai, Dairy Specialist, OMAFRA

Marlene Paibomesai is a Dairy Specialist with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. She has a focus on sustainable production practices on dairy farms in Ontario, including dairy cattle, goat and sheep farms.

Improving Components in Goat Milk
Presented by: Marlene Paibomesai, Dairy Specialist, OMAFRA

Marlene Paibomesai covers factors that affect components such as fat and protein in goat’s milk.

Marlene Paibomesai is a Dairy Specialist with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. She has a focus on sustainable production practices on dairy farms in Ontario, including dairy cattle, goat and sheep farms.

OSF Update
Presented by: Erin Morgan, Executive Director, Ontario Sheep Farmers

An update from the Executive Director of Ontario Sheep Farmers.

OLPC Update
Presented by: Fred Baker, Chair, Ontario Lamb Producer's Caucus

Fred Baker gives an update on the Ontario Lamb Producer's Caucus.

Biography coming soon!

Business Risk Management Programs for Sheep Producers
Presented by: Ellen Blenkiron, Senior Industry Specialist, Agricorp

Agricorp provides financial and risk management programs for the farmers of Ontario. This presentation will focus on business risk management programs for sheep producers such as Risk Management Program for livestock, and AgriStability.

Ellen Blenkiron has worked for AgriCorp for 20+ years in a variety of roles. Currently she is a Senior Industry Specialist and works primarily on the RMP for livestock program as well as Production Insurance for forage. Ellen grew up on a beef farm and continues to raise beef cattle and show cattle across the country with her husband and two boys.

Alternative Wool Marketing
Presented by: Jennifer Osbourne, All Sorts Acres Farm

Description coming soon!

Starting in 2007 on just over an acre outside of Guelph, Jennifer Osborn and her husband Tim Fisher set about creating an integrated centered on locally grown materials and a gift of two sheep. SInce the Jennifer has explored the potential and uses of local wool in innovative ways. The farmer-founder of Upper Canada Fibreshed, Jennifer is immersed in wool, fibre, and it's uses. In 2016 the couple purchased a 50-acre farm in Grey County. All Sorts Acres Farm is managed using regenerative, ecological, and circular economy principles and practices that revolve around sheep. With a certified commercial kitchen, wool processing facility, and on-farm store and gallery, almost all the farm produce is processed on the farm creating value-added sheep milk gelato, wool items, and pastured lamb. All Sorts Acres became an affiliate of the Matter of Trust , a not-for-profit based in California that uses human hair to clean up oil spills and in 2023 Jennifer founded EcoWool Canada Inc., a company dedicated to revitalizing the local wool industry. Beginning with sheep wool pellets, EcoWool initiated the first greenhouse trials using wool pellets in North America. Starting in 2024 EcoWool will begin production in Canada's first dedicated waste fibre mill.

Alternative Driving
Presented by: Carolyn Aarup, Dakota Winds Farm

Through a series of pictures and a handy Quick Reference Matrix, Carolyn shares her passion of Carriage Driving by giving an overview of the various Carriage Driving Opportunities outside the breed show ring.

Carolyn Aarup of Dakota Winds Farm from Meaford, Ontario is passionate about Carriage Driving as well as encouraging others to enjoy the sport. She has over 25 years of driving experience in Miniature Horse breed shows, Open Pleasure Shows and competing at Preliminary Level at CDEs (combined driving events) in Canada and the USA. Her current competition focus is on two of her Miniature horses (single and pair) as well as her single Section A Welsh Pony. She teaches driving lessons and gives driving clinics (for individuals, driving clubs & personal groups) throughout Ontario.

Increasing the Demand and Supply of Native Plants

Access to sufficient native plants hold the key to landscape regeneration and ecosystem restoraton. The production of native plants is also a great opportunity for starting a small-scale land-based business without excessive start-up costs, and is accessible to young enterpreneurs. However, building a native plant value chain poses several challenges: Demand is currently low, because landscapers and municipalities mostly rely on cultivars, whereas restoration projects have high requirements on seed sourcing. So such value chain requires careful orchestration to simultaneously build supply and demand.

Presented by: Dr. Thorsten Arnold, Project Co-ordinator, Regenerate Grey Bruce

Dr. Thorsten Arnold is a student of Earth System Sciences with expertise in climate change, watershed management, and food systems. With his current work in Regenerate Grey Bruce, Thorsten embraces a broad regeneration narrative that places humans as Earth stewards, who live up to their responsibility to nurture a world that is worth living for future generations.

Presented by: Sarah Winterton, Big Picture Facilitator, Carolinian Canada

Sarah’s work with Carolinian Canada focuses on growing a restoration economy in southern Ontario that supports and respects native plants. She is currently helping to develop a southern Ontario native seed strategy and Carolinian Canada’s Conservation Impact Bond. Throughout her thirty plus years in Ontario’s environmental not-for-profit sector, Sarah has worked on a wide range of environmental issues and explored her passion for program design in her roles with WWF-Canada, Environmental Defence, Ontario Nature, and others. She has launched a variety of programs that engage Canadians, including In the Zone: Gardens that help native species thrive, Living Planet @ Campus, Living Planet @ School, Go Wild Community Grants, BlueGreen Canada and Blue Flag Canada. Learning about and gardening with native plants has become a lifelong journey for Sarah, along with her passion for making art, exploring nature, and spending time with family and friends.

Walk Through the Crop-Protection Hub
Presented by: Mike Cowbrough, Weed Specialist - Field Crops, OMAFRA

Mike gave a walk through demo of the features and uses for the crop protection hub.

Integrating Equine Bodywork into a Comprehensive Equine Wellness Program
Presented by: Ashley Stinson of A Plus Equine Massage

This presentation will cover the benefits of equine bodywork and how it compliments the work of your veterinarian, farrier, saddle fitter, butritionist, chiropractor, and coach or trainer.

Ashley Stinson is a passionate and dedicated equine bodyworker with a deep-rooted love for horses and a profound understanding of their anatomy and well-being. With years of experience in the equestrian world, Ashley has become a trusted professional in the field of equine bodywork. Ashley's journey into the world of horses began at a young age, where she spent her childhood riding and caring for horses. This early connection fostered a profound appreciation for the equine spirit and a desire to make a positive impact on their lives. As she grew older, Ashley's curiosity led her to explore various facets of equine care, and she discovered the transformative power of massage therapy on horses' physical and mental health. Eager to deepen her knowledge and skills, Ashley pursued formal education and training in equine bodywork. She obtained certifications from reputable institutions, learning a diverse range of therapies and techniques tailored to meet the specific needs of horses of all disciplines and backgrounds. Her extensive training included equine massage, Equi-Bow, craniosacral therapy, saddle assessment, red light therapy, kinesiology taping, nutrition and hoof care. As a practitioner, Ashley is known for her gentle and compassionate approach, always putting the horse's comfort and well-being at the forefront of every session. Through her skilled touch and intuitive understanding of equine behavior, she creates a calm and harmonious environment that allows the horse to relax and fully benefit from the bodywork experience. Ashley's expertise extends beyond the bodywork session; she is an avid educator, committed to sharing her knowledge with horse owners, trainers, and fellow equine enthusiasts. She conducts workshops and seminars, where she imparts her wisdom on equine bodywork techniques, the importance of bodywork in equine care, and the significant impact it can have on a horse's performance and overall health. In her practice, Ashley has witnessed remarkable transformations in horses, helping them overcome physical limitations, recover from injuries, and achieve peak performance levels. Her success stories stand as a testament to the effectiveness of equine bodywork when administered with skill, compassion, and a deep connection to the equine spirit. Whether it's working with high-performance equine athletes or providing therapeutic relief to elderly companions, Ashley's mission remains the same: to enhance the well-being and quality of life for every horse she touches. With her holistic approach to equine bodywork, she continues to make a lasting impact on the equine community, one horse at a time.

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